Visit Samobor when in Zagreb

Visit Samobor

Are you looking for a place to go for a half-day trip while in Zagreb? There are lots of places to go and visit and you can read more about them on our activities page, but one place not mentioned there is Samobor. Maybe that could be the place for you?

Samobor is located only a short trip from Zagreb, and you can easily get there using a bus or going with car if you have one. The car trip takes about 30 minutes and it is quite easy to find a parking lot in the city. If you come with bus to Samobor you should be prepared for a 15 minute walk from the bus station to the center of Samobor.

Visit Samobor

Samobor is a small city with a very nice atmosphere. You might compare it to Szentendre (a city frequently visited by people who go to Budapest), but to be honest, Szentendre has much more to offer than Samobor.

Samobor is known for its special cake, a cream cake (made with egg-cream). It is a very tasty cake, and if you visit the city, this is something you should taste. Samobor might not have the most famous attractions, but it is a city that in itself is beautiful and with a great atmosphere. Here you can walk around on the main square, discover small street or enjoy the view as you climb the hills.

The famous cake in Samobor
The famous cake in Samobor

Is it a tragedy if I leave Zagreb without visiting Samobor?

Not at all! You then have an excuse to return some other time, and if you miss out on Samobor and never get to visit the place, you haven’t missed out on to much then either. There are much more important places to visit as you go to Croatia, and you should much rather visit the Plitvice lakes, or go to Ljubljana or something like that instead.

Maybe you read this and disagree with us completely? Feel free to write a comment and to share your thoughts. If you have questions related to Samobor, feel free to write them down as well!


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