Hotels in ZagrebIf you have read some articles in the Zagreb Info you probably realize that the Ben Jelacic square is the heart of the city. That is why it is very useful to find a hotel in Zagreb located near the square, at least if you want to avoid walking a lot.

It is also worth taking into consideration that it can get really nice and hot in Zagreb in the summer, meaning that it is smart to book a hotel with air condition to avoid using all your energy on trying to fall asleep while sweating in a super hot hotel room.

Here we will come with some suggestions for hotels in Zagreb and hopefully you will find our suggestions and recommendations useful. If you have comments for yourself or experiences with any of the hotels in Zagreb mentioned in this article, please write a comment to share what’s on your mind.

Hotels in Zagreb

Super central hotel in Zagreb with four stars

If you want to live at the Ben Jelacic square itself, then the hotel you want to live in is the Hotel Dubrovnik. This is a four star hotel with a beautiful terrace at the top with a magnificent view. The rooms have air condition and WiFi is available free of charge.

Hotel Dubrovnik view

The best of the best in Zagreb

If you want to live in the most luxurious and beautiful hotel in Zagreb, then you will want to live in the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. It is located some minutes away from the Ben Jelacic square, but it is part of the beautiful Lenuci Horseshoe in Zagreb. The building is magnificent both on the outside and the inside, and this is the closest you get to a royal hotel in Zagreb.

The best five star hotel in Zagreb
Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is the best five star hotel in Zagreb

Live in the oldest hotel in Zagreb

If you want to live in a hotel with three stars that might be a bit cheaper, but with class, style and a long history, then you should go for Hotel Jagerhorn. It is super central in Zagreb, it has free WiFi and also has free private parking if you arrive with car.

Three star hotel in Zagreb

Apartments in Zagreb

If you would rather live in an apartment where you have more space and can make food for yourself and maybe a bit more family friendly, then here are some suggestions.

Apartments Angel

This is not one apartment, but a whole lot of apartments. As you read more about it and check the prices notice that the addresses registered are different, meaning that if you want to live at a super central apartment, then you should absolutely book an apartment at Trg Bana Jelacica street.

Apartmant in Zagreb

Tesla Boutique Apartments

This one is easier than the previously mentioned option, because all apartments are located at the same place and they are just by the Ben Jelacic square. They are very modern and look beautiful and the average visitor is super visitor. Free WiFi is available in the apartments. This is a boutique apartment, meaning that it is not a big apartment, but quite small and it almost has a hotel room feeling to it.

Tesla Apartments in Zagreb

Hope these suggestions and recommendations have helped you. Enjoy your stay in Zagreb!