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What to do in Zagreb

Do you wonder what to do in Zagreb? Read our compilation presenting the best activities in Zagreb and including information on what’s on in Zagreb.

It is always a question we ask ourselves before arriving to a city, and that is what are we going to do when we have arrived. Some people do not actually care to much about what the city has to offer and they decide beforehand that they will simply drink some coffee, taste the local beer, go shopping and then eat some local food. And if something else shows up, then that is okay. But, you are probably here because you are actually curious as to what Zagreb has to offer, and maybe you have already read about the most famous attractions in town. But, what to do when in Zagreb? Here are some of the coolest activities and programs.

What to do in Zagreb?

Try the funicular

The funicular in Zagreb will take you up to the hill (Gradec) where you can find the famous Lotrscak Tower. The funicular in itself might not be the most adrenaline filled travel you have ever done, but it is still a very important part of the daily life in Zagreb and a short little program that you should not miss out on. You can find it only a few hundred metres from the Ben Jelacic square in the heart of Zagreb.

Cable Cars
Cable Cars in Zagreb

Visit the markets

The Dolac market is listed among the top attractions in Zagreb, but it is for sure an activity, something to do as well. Because as you visit the Dolac market which is just by the Ben Jelacic square you will probably not just enjoy the smell and the fresh look of all the fruits and vegetables, but you will for sure be tempted to buy something as well. Maybe not the stuff that you will bring home as a souvenir, but something that you will go ahead and eat right away. Doesn’t it sound nice with 1 kg of strawberries to eat while sitting in the sun (or in the shade) at the Ben Jelacic square?

The British square is a very nice square. In Croatian it is called “Britanski trg” and it is located about 10 minutes away from the Ben Jelacic square. It is very nice in general, but on Sunday morning this square is turning into an antic market. It is not very cheap, but it is very cool with lots of special effects and cool souvenirs for you to bring home.

British square market
Market at the British square every Sunday morning!

At the Cvjetni trg which is also in the heart of Zagreb you can find a Flowers market. You will of course feel the smell as you draw close to this area and you should of course bring your date and wife here to impress them and to buy them some beautiful flowers.

Zagreb eye

If you want to enjoy a beautiful view giving you the best Zagreb offers, then you should visit Zagreb 360. It is a skyscraper located at the Ben Jelacic square and against a little fee you can visit the 16th floor and get a beautiful view of Zagreb. At the top you can also sit down in the bar and enjoy a drink and the view at the same time. It is normally open from 10.00 until 23.45 every day.

Zagreb by night from Zagreb 360
It can look this way if you enter Zagreb 360 when its dark outside!

Guided tour

If you want to get to know more about Zagreb and feel like doing so with the help of a guide instead of doing it all on your own, then you could consider joining in on a sightseeing tour on foot in the heart of Zagreb. This is an informative way of getting a feeling about the city and a way to see the most important attractions in a short amount of time. You can read more about different walking tours in Zagreb here.

Visit Plitvice Lakes

For those who want to discover a site on the UNESCO World Heritage List while in Croatia, a day excursion to Plitvice is a must do. This is a beautiful area around 1 1/2 – 2 hours from Zagreb. It is a big system of lakes and waterfalls, and it is a natural treasure that Croatians and tourists simply fall in love with. This is a stunning and unforgettable experience that might be even more important than all the sights and attractions you can and will experience in Zagreb!

Plitvice lakes
Visit the amazing Plitvice lakes

Find different trips and excursions to Plitvice at Viator.

Centar Kaptol

There are those who long for a more traditional shopping mall while in Zagreb, and one of the best and most central of such kind is Centar Kaptol which is located about 10 minutes on foot from the Ben Jelacic square. It is easy to get there, so all you need to do is to walk towards the cathedral and follow the kaptol ulica and in the end you will be at Centar Kaptol. Inside the mall you will find Burberry, Alto, DM, Douglas, Gant, Konzum, Pizza, Marks and Spencer, Opium, Palmers, Swatch, Tommy Hilfiger, Stefanel and quite a lot of other brands.

Visit the Zoo

A zoo is a safe haven in a big city and a place where both children and adults will have a good time. In Zagreb you can of course find a zoo and inside the zoo you can watch tigers, lions, bears and lots of cool animals. It is located about 3,5km from the main square in Zagreb so you should either use a car or travel with tram 11 or 12 from Ban Jelačić Square to the stop named Bukovacka.

What to do in Zagreb?
Looking for something to do in Zagreb? Visit the zoo!

Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships

This is not the traditional museum with lots of dry stories. It won the Kenneth Hudson award in 2011 as the most innovative museum. Here we can see remains of failed love stories and and objects that symbolize a love that was once there, but which now is lost. If you want to you can also record your own memories and upload your own documents, and decide whether you want them to be public or not. The museum is located centrally in Zagreb, not far from the Katarinin trg, and it normally opens at 9.00 in the morning and stays open until about 20.00 in the evening.

Address: Ćirilometodska 2, 10000, Zagreb

What more to do in Zagreb?

There are tons of more things to do in Zagreb, but these where just some suggestions from us. Feel free to come with your own comments and suggestions in the comment field beneath, and if you liked this article, please share it on Facebook and Twitter!