Find information about the best restaurants in Zagreb. Where to eat in Zagreb to get local Croatian food? Where to go to eat the best hamburgers in Zagreb? Or where can I find the best Italian restaurants in Zagreb? And even more important, what to eat in Zagreb!

But before we write and tell you where to eat in Zagreb, why not use a few minutes to read about what to eat in Zagreb? Because you will probably want to taste some local Croatian cuisine while in Zagreb, and here are some traditional Croatian cuisines that you will want to taste.

What to eat in Zagreb?

It is important to understand that Croatia is a quite long country stretching from the Hungarian borders and all the way to the sea. The coast of Croatia is quite long, so from Pula in north to Split in the south you have a big distance to cover. But the local gastronomy in Zagreb is quite different from the cuisine you will find in Split, since seafood is much more important on the coast than in Zagreb and the mainland parts of Croatia.

What to eat in Zagreb

Among the most important courses to taste while in Zagreb we recommend:

Zagreb Steak: These are veal steaks stuffed with ham and cheese

Goulash: Maybe more known as a Hungarian course, but you will find it around in Zagreb as well.

Cabbage: You can find lots of courses with cabbage, for example stuffed cabbage with minced meat.

Struddles: These are sweet cakes with cottage cheese, poppy seeds or apple on the inside.

Cheese: There are loads of cheeses normal in Croatia, for example home made goat cheeses.

Cevapi: This is a very famous dish in Croatia and its neighboring nations. It uses two sorts of minced meat (pork and beef) mixed together with spices and looking almost like sausages. You normally get 5-10 of these served together.

Where to eat in Zagreb?
Where to eat in Zagreb?

Where to eat in Zagreb?

Here comes our list presenting different restaurants in Zagreb which we believe you will have a good time visiting.

Taste the local cuisine in Zagreb

Does it sound good with some local cuisine in Zagreb? If the answer is yes then a restaurant named Konoba Didov San is the perfect place to go. Several people call this a hidden gem in the old town of Zagreb. The interior is very traditional, not the fine and exclusive dining, but more the authentic style.

Address: Konoba Didov San, Mletacka 11, Zagreb 10 000, Croatia

Fine Italian dining in Tkalciceva

The street Tkalciceva is an attraction in itself and it is packed with nice restaurants and shops. You simply have to visit it while in Zagreb. And if you want to grab something to eat in Zagreb and you walk in Tkalciceva, then Agave is a place for fine dining. You can sit inside and eat with a nice view or enjoy a meal on the terrace during summer. Agave has a Italian feeling to it.

Address: Tkalciceva Ulica 39, Zagreb 10000, Croatia

Eat a good hamburger in Zagreb

If you want to eat a good hamburger in Zagreb we believe that Rocket Burger will be a place that you will enjoy. It is located in the old town of Zagreb and they have tasty burgers that the youngest and the oldest will like.

Address: Rocket Burger, Ulica Ivana Tkalcica 44, Zagreb, Croatia

Hungry for a steak or grill food?

Traditional Croatian food

Feel like eating a solid steak or some other traditional grill food Why not visit Capuciner Grill&Steak located near the Cathedral in Zagreb. The restaurants also has daily offer during lunch time and if you come during evening you can enjoy a good cevapi, a good hamburger and of course lots of steak opportunities. The picture on the right is a picture of one of the desserts you can eat as you visit Capuciner Grill&Steak in Zagreb.

Address: Capuciner Grill&Steak, Kaptol 6, 10 000, Zagreb

Get some good pastry and ice-cream in Zagreb

For those who are not really that hungry, but they want to have some pastry or maybe a delicious ice-cream a place named Vincek Slasticarnica is the perfect place. It is located near the cable cars and the Lotrscak tower.

Address: Vincek Ilica, Ilica, 18, Zagreb 10000, Croatia

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