Want to know more about public transportation in Zagreb? Where to buy tickets? How to get from the airport to Zagreb? All transportation info you need can be found in this article!

At first as you come to Zagreb and to Croatia it might be that you come with a flight. The Zagreb Pleso Airport is located a bit more than 10km from the city center of Zagreb, making it a quite central airport compared to several other airports in Europe. It is serving an increasing amount of passengers each year and in 2015 it served more than 2,5 million passengers coming to Zagreb and Croatia. Once you have arrived though the question is how to get from Zagreb Airport to Zagreb downtown?

Transportation in Zagreb
Historic tram in Zagreb

How to get from Zagreb Airport to downtown?

To get from Zagreb Airport to downtown Zagreb the easiest is of course to book yourself an airport transfer, something that you can do right here. If you want to use a cheaper version then you should as you arrive to the airport go outside the building and there you will find the airport bus which leaves every 30th minute. This bus will take you to the main bus station in Zagreb (it takes about 30 minutes) and from there you can travel on with tram to your selected destination. The price of the bus is about 35 kuna.

If you decide to just go outside the terminal and jump in a cab that should take you to your hotel downtown Zagreb, then you should agree upon a price. Normally the cost will be between 150-200 kuna.

How to buy tickets for public transportation in Zagreb

If you want to buy tickets for the public transportation as a tourist there are a couple of ways in which this can be done.  You can buy tickets from some tram drivers, but you should not count on this to work. You can also buy from bus drivers, but by far the easiest way is to go into a kiosk and buy it there. If you plan on traveling a lot you can also buy a package of ten tickets which gives you more value for your money. You can also buy a one day pass or a three day pass if you plan on traveling a lot for one or more days.

A one way ticket for public transportation cost 10 kuna. The one day ticket costs 30 kuna and the three day ticket costs 70 kuna.

The blue trams in Zagreb

The blue trams in Zagreb are the most popular and best way of traveling around the town. There are 15 trams operating in total during day time and these will take you around to most locations in the city. Here you can see a Zagreb tram map and if you click the map you will get to see a .pdf with a high resolution of the same map.

Zagreb Tram map
Click the map for high resolution tram map!

Do not forget to buy your ticket before entering the tram and even more important, do not forget to validate your ticket once on board. You can use the same tickets for buses in Zagreb as well!

Taxi in Zagreb

If you want to travel with taxi in Zagreb then two of the most famous companies are Radio Taxi Zagreb and Ekotaxi. Their basic fee is about 10 kuna and the km fee later is about 5 kuna per kilometer. Be careful jumping on taxies that are not official taxis as you will often pay twice or three times as much as you should!

Zagreb Card

If you want to travel and use public transportation for free and plan on visiting lots of activities, museums and attractions, then the Zagreb Card gives you good value for your money. But, if you only want to travel free on public transportation, but the normal public transportation pass for one or three days instead.

Transportation in Zagreb wrap-up

These were some general information about transportation in Zagreb. If you have any insight that you would like to share or maybe a question or two, use the comment field and share whatever should be on your heart!