Croatia vs Ukraine [World Cup 2018 qualifiers]

Croatia vs Ukraine

On March 24th Croatia will play against Ukraine in the World Cup 2018 qualifying. Both teams are part of Group I, a very hard group, and this is a very important match for both teams.

In Group I there are four top teams playing; Croatia, Ukraine, Turkey and Iceland, and the two “poorer” teams, Finland and Kosovo, are not easy opponents either. It is therefore no coincidence that lots of people consider this to be the hardest of all the qualification groups in Europe for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Before the upcoming leg Croatia and Ukraine are leading group I (with 10 and 8 points), and with a victory this will mean that Croatia will get a big advantage of 5 points to Ukraine. But, if this goes wrong, then Croatia will suddenly be behind Ukraine in points, and Iceland might stand next to Croatia with 10 points. You probably understand already why this will be such an interesting match, and why you should be there at the Maksimir stadium to watch the match.

Croatia vs Ukraine

Watch Croatia vs Ukraine

If you want to be there, then you will probably be able to buy tickets for the match around the stadium on the match day. But, if you can’t get a place on the stadium, then you can still watch the match on most sports pubs in Zagreb. If that ain’t an option for you either, then you can still stream the match on Fubo TV online. That is a brilliant platform where you can stream football online, including the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League and lots of other great stuff.

While in Zagreb to cheer for Croatia, we of course suggest that you walk around to enjoy the beauties of the city. Come a couple of hours early to the match and walk around in the Maksimir park to relax before the match starts. Afterwards you can return to the main square to celebrate the Croatian victory, take a look at the Zagreb Eye, and maybe eat a delicious pancake at Kava Tava?

There are lots of opportunities in Zagreb, and you can read more about them here in our Zagreb Guide!


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