Andrea Bocelli Zagreb 2018

Andrea Bocelli ZagrebOn the tenth of March fans of beautiful music should be in the Zagreb Arena. Andrea Bocelli will sign and amaze with his voice, and you can  buy tickets for the event if you want to!

Not long ago Zagreb was said to be the most interesting destination to visit in Europe in 2017 by Lonely Planet. If you have never been to the Croatian capital, then you should definitely prepare for a trip right away. If you cannot visit Zagreb in 2017, then you could wait for 2018 to arrive, and then come to Zagreb on March 10th in 2017 and combine your stay with an Andrea Bocelli concert. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?

Andrea Bocelli will visit lots of cities during his tour in 2017 and 2018, but he is not performing frequently. When he is finished with the concert in Zagreb he will do other stuff, and his next concert will be two weeks later in Vienna. You should therefore plan well to make sure that you will be able to listen to Andrea Bocelli, at least if you are a fan. If you want to buy tickets, use the link beneath.

Andrea Bocelli concert in Zagreb 2018

Zagreb Arena
March 10th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you use the ticket link beneath you can simply search for Andrea Bocelli or for Zagreb, and you will be able to find tickets for this and lots of other events. For those who are interested in other programs and activities in Zagreb, look around here in our Zagreb Guide, or search for Zagreb at Viagogo and find tickets for lots of programs.


Deep Purple concert in Zagreb 2017

Deep Purple will tour Europe in 2017, and one of their stops will be in Zagreb. Are you in the mood for a Deep Purple concert in Zagreb on May 16th?

Did you know that Deep Purple is a really old band? It was formed back in 1968, and they are among the biggest pioneers in the rock industry together with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. So, why not come to Zagreb to enjoy a concert with Deep Purple in May 2017?

The Deep Purple concert in Zagreb will be arranged in Zagreb Arena on May 16th, and it is supposed to start around 20.00. This will be one of the first Deep Purple concerts in Europe in 2017. Before coming to Zagreb, the band will perform in Bucharest in Romania, and before that they will perform in loads of cities in the United States. After the concert in Zagreb, Deep Purple will travel on to Vienna where they will perform on May 17th.

Would you like to be there at the Deep Purple concert on May 16th in Zagreb?

Deep Purple concert in Zagreb
Deep Purple concert in Zagreb

Deep Purple concert in Zagreb

May 16th, 20.00
Zagreb Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

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Andre Rieu concert in Zagreb

Are you going to be in Zagreb on June 15th? Why not combine some city sightseeing with a magnificent Andre Rieu concert?

People who live in Western Europen often have little clue about the geographical location of Zagreb. If you say Zagreb, Ljubljana, Budapest, Graz and maybe include Vienna then they have little clue about how they are located compared to one another, and they have little clue about the distance between the cities. But, once we tell you that Andre Rieu will perform in Ljubljana on June 14th, in Zagreb on June 15th, in Budapest on June 16th and in Vienna on June 17th you probably understand that the distance cant be to big. And that is true!

If you go to Ljubljana for the Andre Rieu concert on June 14th you only have to drive your car for between 60-90 minutes to get to Zagreb for the concert on June 15th. And then to get to the Budapest concert with Andre Rieu on June 16th you will have to drive around three hours, and to get to Vienna on June 17th you will have to drive 2 1/2 hours.

Maybe you did not get a kick on Andre Rieu, but instead you feel like renting a car to discover these four cities. That is a brilliant idea, but if you are a fan of Andre Rieu then you can of course go to his concert in at least one of these cities.

Andre Rieu Zagreb 2017
Andre Rieu Zagreb 2017

Andre Rieu Zagreb

June 15th, 20.00
Zagreb Arena

Tickets: Viagogo

You can buy tickets for this and all other Andre Rieu concerts in Europe using the link above. For more information on cool excursions and programs and attractionsin Zagreb, read on here in our Zagreb Guide. We warmly recommend a trip to the Plitvice lakes, so read more about it and book an excursion right away!

Justin Bieber in Zagreb

Justin Bieber ZagrebOn November 9th it will be time for an early Christmas celebration in Zagreb as Justin Bieber comes to town. This will be one of many stops during his tour in Europe and just the evening before the Zagreb concert he will perform in Vienna, and two days later he will be in Krakow to perform there and then the day after he will be in Prague.

But, the most important is that Justin Bieber will come to Zagreb and on November 9th he will perform in Zagreb Arena. If you would like to be there at the event then you can buy tickets to the concert from WorldTicketShop.

At the site above you can also buy tickets for the rest of the Justin Bieber concerts in Europe in 2016, so visit it if you have a dream to see this teenager idol live in 2016.

And do not forget to spend some time visiting all the attractions in Zagreb as you come to the beautiful Croatian capital!