Sting Zagreb

Would you like to start the last week of May 2024 in a fantastic way? It is easy to feel sad on Sunday because Monday means back to work or back to school, and that can often be painful. But, what if you knew that you would be at a Sting concert in Zagreb on Monday evening? Wouldn’t that make you feel better? This is your chance as Sting will be in Zagreb on May 27th 2024 to perform in front of more than 15,000 people at Zagreb Arena.

We don’t know exactly which songs Sting will sing during the Zagreb concert, but here you have five of his most famous songs from his long and fantastic career.

  1. “Every Breath You Take”: This song is about love and watching someone closely. Many people know it, and it’s one of Sting’s biggest hits.
  2. “Roxanne”: “Roxanne” is a song about a woman, and it has a catchy tune. It’s one of the songs that made Sting and his band, The Police, famous.
  3. “Fields of Gold”: In this song, Sting sings about a field of golden crops and memories. It’s a beautiful and calming song that many people enjoy.
  4. “Message in a Bottle”: “Message in a Bottle” is a song about feeling lonely and sending a message to the world. It’s a classic from The Police and still loved today.
  5. “Englishman in New York”: This song tells the story of an Englishman living in New York City. It has a unique sound and is loved for its cool style.

My personal favorite is the last song from the list, but feel very free to disagree with me on that on.

Sting Zagreb 2024

Date: May 27, 19.00
Location: Zagreb Arena

Where can I buy tickets for the Sting concert in Zagreb?

You should try the official ticket pages first, but if you are here reading this article, then it is very likely that they are sold out and there are no tickets left. If that is so, then a great place to find tickets is at the biggest marketplace for tickets online, Viagogo. There you can buy tickets for the Sting concert in Zagreb, but also for the other concerts elsewhere in Europe in 2024.

Will Sting only have one concert in Zagreb? What if I am unable to be there?

Sting will only have one concert in Zagreb in 2024. But, if you are unable to be there on May 27th, then a very good option is to travel to Ljubljana to be there at the Sting concert on May 29th. It only takes a bit more than 70-80 minutes to drive between Zagreb and Ljubljana, so this is a great option if you cannot be there at the Sting concert in Zagreb. If you are unable to be there as Sting goes to Ljubljana (on May 29), then a third option might be to travel by car for three hours from Zagreb. You will then end up in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, where Sting will sing on May 31.

Are there any other cool things happening in Zagreb?

You can read lots of dry information about attractions, programs, restaurants, and hotels in Zagreb here in our Zagreb guide. If you want information about upcoming festivals, Christmas markets, concerts, and exhibitions, look at our What’s happening in Zagreb page.