Listen to Lonely Planet – Come to Zagreb

Did you know that Zagreb was recently recommended as the number one place to visit in Europe in 2017 by Lonely Planet? It isn’t a lie!

Zagreb is the number one place in Europe to visit in 2017
Zagreb is the number one place in Europe to visit in 2017

Lonely Planet just published their “hotlist of European destinations you need to see in 2017.” On the top of the list you find the Croatian capital Zagreb, while the other nine cities on the list are:

  • Gotland, Sweden
  • Galicia, Spain
  • North-Montenegro
  • Leeds, Great Britain
  • Alentejo, Portugal
  • North-Germany
  • Moldova
  • Pafos, Cyprus
  • Le Havre, France

As you can see from the list, there are not the most famous destinations listed, but rather places that you are likely to have left on your “to-visit” list. Zagreb is a city blossoming, and it is getting more and more visitors dropping by every single year. It is not a coincidence that we have decided to create this Zagreb Guide either, after all the city is a real treat and you have a lot to look forward to as you plan your trip to Zagreb.

Would you like to see the full list? You can check the article in Lonely Planet!

What to do in Zagreb?

If you look for a city with famous landmarks and attractions, then you should probably visit Paris or Rome instead. Zagreb is not known for its attractions, but it has a fantastic atmosphere, great restaurants, tasty beer and a beautiful city in which you can walk around and enjoy life. Families will enjoy the zoo and some of the great parks, while those who are ready for an excursion should visit the Plitvice lakes (and lots of other places).

Check our list presenting what to do in Zagreb right here.

Congratulations to Zagreb, and hopefully we will see you soon in Zagreb!