Pancake breakfast in Zagreb

Have you heard about the legendary pancake breakfast in Zagreb? Wonder where you can eat a pancake tower with Nutella in Zagreb? Here comes the answer!

There is a place in Zagreb named Kava Tava. You can find it at several locations and at these places you can get yourself some tasty sandwiches throughout the entire day, in addition to nice drinks. The place also has free WiFi, meaning that you can sit here for a while and enjoy something to drink and update your social profiles easily while doing so. But, what has made Kava Tava as popular and famous as it is today is not the sandwiches or the WiFi, but their pancakes.

Kava Tava in Zagreb
Want to get an overdose of calories for breakfast? Eat a pancake tower with Nutella at Kava Tava in Zagreb!

Ready for a pancake with Nutella for breakfast?

As you take a look at the picture above you can clearly see that they have lots of nice calories to offer you for breakfast (or any other time of the day) in Kava Tava. Now you might not return to the place to eat those American Pancake looking thing several times a day or every day, but once in a while it can be really cool to try them. If you have never been to Zagreb before, this is one of the things that you simply have to taste while in town!

You can find Kava Tava at two locations in Zagreb, and here are the addresses:

  • Kava Tava Britanski trg (a few tram stops from the Ben Jelacic square
  • Kava Tava Tkalciceva 12 (this is the number one restaurant street in Zagreb)

Are you ready for something to eat in Zagreb? Doesn’t it look nice with some of those pancakes, or maybe a club sandwich? Or maybe both?

Have a good time in Zagreb, and please share your own pancake experience or ask a question using the comment field beneath!