Maksimir Park in Zagreb is the perfect place for a romantic walk!

Maksimir Park in Zagreb

Are you looking for a place in Zagreb where you can go for a romantic walk? Or maybe you want to find the perfect place to jog? Maksimir Park is the place you are looking for!

The Maksimir Park is a park with long traditions. It was the first large public park in Central-Europe and it was opened in 1794. Today it is a large park built in the style of a traditional English park. It has several lakes inside of it and a rich amount of birds and animals abiding in it. Who wouldn’t find a squirrel running around romantic on such a walk?

In addition to being a big park you can also find Zagreb Zoo inside the gates of the Maksimir Park. It has its own entrance, but if you want to spend some hours out in the free we can warmly recommend a visit to the Zoo as well.

Maksimir Park in Zagreb
A perfect place for a romantic walk or a nice run!

Get to Maksimir Park

To get to Maksimir Park you can travel with train number 4, 11 or 12 from the main square in Zagreb. You need to get of the tram at the stop named Bukovacka. For more information on the public transportation in Zagreb, tickets and more, check out our Zagreb Transportation Guide.

Did Dinamo Zagreb just score a goal?

If you like football then you can kind off get live updates on Dinamo Zagreb while in the Maksimir Park. Just across the road from the park you will find their home stadium. As a result you will get live updates on the Dinamo Zagreb matches while in the park. If you hear crazy cheering and shouts of joy Dinamo Zagreb has just scored.

Do not miss out on Maksimir Park while in Zagreb!


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