Dates for the Christmas markets in Zagbre 2017

Christmas markets 2023

Did you know that the city of Zagreb has beautiful Christmas markets waiting for you? Come discover the Christmas markets in Zagreb. This article gives you information about the different Christmas markets in Zagreb, and of course information about the locations of the markets and the Christmas market dates.

It is great to travel to a city like Zagreb before Christmas to visit the Christmas market of the city. While most traditional tourists go to Prague, Vienna, or Budapest, the more experienced traveler will be very eager to visit a not-so-well-known Christmas market like the one you will meet in Zagreb (or for example in Ljubljana only 1 1/2 hour from Zagreb).

There are lots of websites where you can vote for the best Christmas markets in Europe. It might not reflect reality, but I do know about such sites where the Christmas markets in Zagreb have received the most votes. Would you like to visit Zagreb before Christmas and take a look at the different Christmas markets yourself?

Christmas markets in Zagreb 2023

If you come to Zagreb and want to experience Christmas, these are the spots you will have to visit!

Ben Jelacic Square

This is the main square in Zagreb and the most obvious place to visit. Here you can visit a Winter Village with lots of stands where you can buy hot wine and some nice stuff to eat. There are also lots of Christmas trees at the square enlightened in the evening, so a perfect spot for nice Christmas pictures. There are not so many stands for traditional Christmas market shopping here, but you can find lots of smaller and bigger stands in the streets surrounding the square.

Zrinjevac Park

This park is located only a few hundred meters from the Ben Jelacic square. In this park, you will find a more traditional Christmas market and here you can also listen to music, watch dance performances, buy something to eat and drink, and have a wonderful time. The Zrinjevac Park is one out of several parks following one another so if you keep walking towards the railway station at the end of the long park area you will end up by the Art Pavilion (King Tomislav Square), and there you will find the most famous of all the Christmas markets in Zagreb.

By the Art Pavilion

If you have seen a picture from one of the Christmas markets in Zagreb this might be it. This is a very popular place to go if you enjoy ice skating and beautiful lights. The ice skating arena is big and this is a romantic place to go if you want to enjoy the winter combined with Christmas and beautiful surroundings at the same time. The square is called King Tomislav Square, so if you do not know where the Art Pavilion is, look for the Tomislav Square. If you should come to Zagreb by train this is the first thing you will see as you leave the railway station in Zagreb.

Dates for the Zagreb Christmas markets in 2023

December 2, 2023 – January 7, 2024

Hotels near the Christmas markets

Would you like to live in a hotel or in an apartment close to the city center of Zagreb and near the Christmas markets? Look at the map below where you can see lots of apartments and hotels with price estimations that you can choose from.


If you come to Zagreb some other time, the map above still gives good suggestions for places where you can stay in the city. After all, it is always essential to book accommodation in the center of Zagreb, making the recommendations below valid throughout the year.

From the Zrinjevac square – Dario Vuksanovic / Shutterstock

We hope this information has made you eager to visit the city of Zagreb before, during, or after Christmas this year. If you have any questions, comments, or other input about the Christmas markets in Zagreb, use the comment field below.

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